The Best Relaxing, Marijuana-Friendly Activities For Couples

You finally found someone who shares your enthusiasm for cannabis, and it is time to find something to do. You could go on the usual date of dinner and a movie, but what fun is that when there are many cannabis-friendly dates that you can go on to have fun, relax and relieve stress. Take A Cannabis-Friendly Yoga Class One of the great things about marijuana is the way that it can help you relax. Read More 

Adopting An Older Child? 3 Adjustment Issues You Should Be Prepared For

While all adopted children have to make huge adjustments when they are first placed with a family, older children have unique needs and face challenges that younger children do not. As an adoptive parent, it's impossible for you to anticipate every single need that your child may have. However, you can educate yourself on some of the more common needs so you can spot issues quickly and respond with as much love and support as possible. Read More