The Best Relaxing, Marijuana-Friendly Activities For Couples

You finally found someone who shares your enthusiasm for cannabis, and it is time to find something to do. You could go on the usual date of dinner and a movie, but what fun is that when there are many cannabis-friendly dates that you can go on to have fun, relax and relieve stress.

Take A Cannabis-Friendly Yoga Class

One of the great things about marijuana is the way that it can help you relax. Why not combine the ingestion of marijuana with other activities that are designed to help you feel more relaxed,such as a cannabis-friendly yoga class. The great thing about a yoga class is that you will learn techniques that you can use even on days when you don't have time to head out to the studio. By being allowed to partake in your favorite, legal, recreational drug while, while practicing yoga, makes the process all the better.

Have A Couple's Massage

Another way to relax is to participate in a couple's massage. The great thing about this option is that there are massage parlors that use lotions that are infused with THC. The THC acts as a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory. The THC does not enter the bloodstream and has no psychoactive effects. 

Spend Time Under The Stars

If you are looking for an inexpensive date, one option is to relax under the stars while enjoying marijuana. Make sure to find a location where there isn't a lot of artificial lighting so that you will be able to see the stars more clearly. You can search for specific constellations or you can simply relax and enjoy the view. The best time to go star gazing is when there is an anticipated meteor shower.

Go Hiking

If you love going hiking, this is a great couples activity for a partner who shares a love for the outdoors. The activity is relaxing and marijuana can make it more so. However, it is a good idea to hike sober until you have become experienced. Depending on where you live, you may need to be careful with where you hike given the threat of bears or other hazards.

Cook With Marijuana

One of the great things about marijuana legalization is that new opportunities for the use of marijuana are opening up. For example, there are many ways that marijuana can be used in cooking not only to give yourself a buzz, but to also expand your cooking repertoire. 

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